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* machine: ssh: Add 'safety-checks?' field.Ludovic Courtès9 days
* doc: Fix typo.Leo Famulari9 days
* doc: Document the dummy $HOME in the build chroot.Leo Famulari9 days
* scripts: system: Rationalize persistency.Mathieu Othacehe11 days
* gnu: bootstrap: Add support for riscv64-linux.Efraim Flashner11 days
* services: Adjust the jami service for the upgraded jami.Maxim Cournoyer12 days
* shell: Cache profiles even when using package specs.Ludovic Courtès14 days
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* doc: Use @lisp and clarify 'setuid-program' examples.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-10
* guix hash: Allow '-r' as a non-deprecated alias.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-10
* doc: Fix typo.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-10
* style: Add '--styling' option.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-10
* build: julia-build-system: Create 'Project.toml' file when missing.zimoun2022-01-10
* doc: Fix some typos.Tobias Geerinckx-Rice2022-01-10
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* doc: Fix typo.Tobias Geerinckx-Rice2022-01-06
* doc: Try to clarify the setuid programs examples.Leo Famulari2022-01-03
* doc: Avoid (getenv "HOME") in 'machines.scm' example.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-03
* doc: Document clauses of 'modify-inputs'.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-03
* services: guix-build-coordinator: Fix variable name in agent config.Christopher Baines2022-01-02
* gnu: Add guix-build-coordinator/agent-only.Christopher Baines2022-01-02
* transformations: Add '--tune'.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-01
* system: Allow 'chfn' to change the user's full name.Ludovic Courtès2022-01-01
* doc: Give a complete example of adding setuid programs.Leo Famulari2021-12-26
* scripts: system: Deprecate the docker-image command.Mathieu Othacehe2021-12-23
* Remove VM generation dead-code.Mathieu Othacehe2021-12-23
* doc: Document (gnu services configuration).Xinglu Chen2021-12-22
* services: wireguard: Add DNS config field.Nathan Dehnel2021-12-22
* services: rsync: Allow configuring several rsync "modules".Ludovic Courtès2021-12-21
* doc: Fix wrong home-shepherd-configuration data type.Olivier Dion2021-12-20
* doc: Format 'guix hash -S' values as a table.Ludovic Courtès2021-12-17
* guix hash: Add git serializer.zimoun2021-12-17
* guix hash: Add 'serializer' option.zimoun2021-12-17
* guix hash: Support several files.zimoun2021-12-17
* doc: Do not explain quote/quasiquote in the context of inputs.Ludovic Courtès2021-12-15
* doc: Use @lisp for 'static-networking-service-type' example.Ludovic Courtès2021-12-15
* doc: Mention powerpc-linux support.Efraim Flashner2021-12-14
* doc: Mark mips64el-linux as unsupported.Efraim Flashner2021-12-14
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| * services: Define '%qemu-static-networking'.Ludovic Courtès2021-12-12