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gnu: Allow services to install kernel-loadable modules.
* gnu/system.scm (operating-system-directory-base-entries): Remove code to handle generation of "kernel" for linux-libre kernels. (operating-system-default-essential-services): Instantiate linux-builder-service-type. (package-for-kernel): Move ... * gnu/services.scm: ... to here. (linux-builder-service-type): New variable. (linux-builder-configuration): New type. (linux-loadable-module-service-type): New variable. * gnu/tests/linux-modules.scm (run-loadable-kernel-modules-test): Move code to ... (run-loadable-kernel-modules-test-base): ... new procedure here. (run-loadable-kernel-modules-service-test): New procedure. (%test-loadable-kernel-modules-service-0): New variable. (%test-loadable-kernel-modules-service-1): New variable. (%test-loadable-kernel-modules-service-2): New variable. * doc/guix.texi: Document linux-loadable-module-service-type. Signed-off-by: Danny Milosavljevic <>
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@@ -34280,6 +34280,28 @@ configuration when you use @command{guix system reconfigure},
@command{guix system init}, or @command{guix deploy}.
@end defvr
+@defvr {Scheme Variable} linux-loadable-module-service-type
+Type of the service that collects lists of packages containing
+kernel-loadable modules, and adds them to the set of kernel-loadable
+This service type is intended to be extended by other service types,
+such as below:
+(define module-installing-service-type
+ (service-type
+ (name 'module-installing-service)
+ (extensions (list (service-extension linux-loadable-module-service-type
+ (const (list module-to-install-1
+ module-to-install-2)))))
+ (default-value #f)))
+@end lisp
+This does not actually load modules at bootup, only adds it to the
+kernel profile so that it @emph{can} be loaded by other means.
+@end defvr
@node Shepherd Services
@subsection Shepherd Services