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gnu: Add emacs-wucuo.series-5477
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@@ -8637,6 +8637,68 @@ current frame, disabling the mode line, and adding margins to the buffer that
restrict the text width to 80 characters.")
(license license:bsd-3)))
+(define-public emacs-wucuo
+ (package
+ (name "emacs-wucuo")
+ (version "0.2.7")
+ (source
+ (origin
+ (method git-fetch)
+ (uri (git-reference
+ (url "")
+ (commit version)))
+ (file-name (git-file-name name version))
+ (sha256
+ (base32
+ "1iw4jdlqvki95gh7bzl7hjidc2kz9qyc1zjd7klh63gvk0z09700"))))
+ (build-system emacs-build-system)
+ (home-page "")
+ (synopsis
+ "Fastest solution to spell check camel case code or plain text")
+ (description
+ "This package provides a spell checker on top of either aspell or
+@item @code{wucuo-spell-check-file} will spell check one file and report its
+@item If @code{wucuo-flyspell-start-mode} is \"normal\", @code{wucuo-start}
+runs @code{flyspell-buffer}. If it's \"normal\", @code{wucuo-start} runs
+@code{flyspell-region} to check visible region in current window.
+@item The interval of checking is set by @code{wucuo-update-interval}
+@end itemize
+See @code{wucuo-check-nil-font-face} on how to check plain text (text without
+@item Use @code{wucuo-current-font-face} to detect font face at point
+@item If @code{wucuo-flyspell-start-mode} is \"normal\",
+@code{wucuo-spell-check-buffer-max} specifies the maximum size of buffer to
+check. If @code{wucuo-flyspell-start-mode} is \"fast\",
+@code{wucuo-spell-check-region-max} specifies the maximum size of visible
+region to check.
+@item You can define a function in @code{wucuo-spell-check-buffer-predicate}.
+If the function returns t, the spell checking of current buffer will continue.
+If it returns nil, the spell checking is skipped.
+@end itemize
+Here is sample to skip checking in specified major modes,
+ (setq wucuo-spell-check-buffer-predicate
+ (lambda ()
+ (not (memq major-mode
+ '(dired-mode
+ log-edit-mode
+ compilation-mode
+ help-mode
+ profiler-report-mode
+ speedbar-mode
+ gud-mode
+ calc-mode
+ Info-mode)))))
+@end lisp")
+ (license license:gpl3+)))
(define-public emacs-ido-completing-read+
(name "emacs-ido-completing-read+")