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doc: Explain how to use psql with peer authentication.
* doc/guix.texi (Database Services): Add example of shell commands to use psql as system user. Also add troubleshooting tip when service fails to start because of incompatible cluster.
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@@ -17260,6 +17260,24 @@ The PostgreSQL daemon loads its runtime configuration from @var{config-file},
creates a database cluster with @var{locale} as the default
locale, stored in @var{data-directory}. It then listens on @var{port}.
+If the services fails to start, it may be due to an incompatible
+cluster already present in @var{data-directory}. Adjust it (or, if you
+don't need the cluster anymore, delete @var{data-directory}), then
+restart the service.
+Peer authentication is used by default and the @code{postgres} user
+account has no shell, which prevents the direct execution of @code{psql}
+commands as this user. To use @code{psql}, you can temporarily log in
+as @code{postgres} using a shell, create a PostgreSQL superuser with the
+same name as one of the system users and then create the associated
+sudo -u postgres -s /bin/sh
+createuser --interface
+createdb $MY_USER_LOGIN # Replace appropriately.
+@end example
@cindex postgresql extension-packages
Additional extensions are loaded from packages listed in
@var{extension-packages}. Extensions are available at runtime. For instance,