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doc: contrib: recommend guix git authenticateissue-57910
* doc/contributing.texi (Building from git): recommend use of guix git authenticate on every git pull
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@@ -152,29 +152,12 @@ If anything fails, take a look at installation instructions
(@pxref{Installation}) or send a message to the
@email{, mailing list}.
-From there on, you can authenticate all the commits included in your
-checkout by running:
-make authenticate
-@end example
-The first run takes a couple of minutes, but subsequent runs are faster.
-Or, when your configuration for your local Git repository doesn't match
-the default one, you can provide the reference for the @code{keyring}
-branch through the variable @code{GUIX_GIT_KEYRING}. The following
-example assumes that you have a Git remote called @samp{myremote}
-pointing to the official repository:
-make authenticate GUIX_GIT_KEYRING=myremote/keyring
-@end example
@quotation Note
-You are advised to run @command{make authenticate} after every
-@command{git pull} invocation. This ensures you keep receiving valid
-changes to the repository.
+As with the initial clone, you are advised to run @command{guix git authenticate}
+after every @command{git pull} invocation. This ensures you keep receiving valid
+changes to the repository (@pxref{Invoking guix git authenticate}).
+You will not be able to do this unless you already have Guix installed.
@end quotation
After updating the repository, @command{make} might fail with an error